High Voltage (HV) Services

BMS Services can safely and effectively manage your private 11kv network for installation, maintenance, initial energisation, or emergency switching.

Our authorised person(s) and engineers have a wealth of experience in the installation, switching and maintenance of private 11kv networks. We manage all aspects of the switching from initial consultation with the client on their needs/requirements, through to producing the switching schedules, and finally the physical switching onsite.

Our engineers also have knowledge and experience in the installation of 11kv switchgear and transformers, from kerbside to your switchroom. Making us a one stop place for your private network.

What is a private HV network?

Private HV networks allow for the distribution of high voltage within a private site. Depending on consumption, HV networks can provide financial benefits. This is due to electricity prices being cheaper per kW/h the higher the voltage is.

Get in touch with us today to see if we can help with your private HV network.