About Us

Switchgear installationBMS Services’ track record is positive proof of our ability to provide the highest levels of service demanded by our clients and to offer innovative solutions.

Initially, the company was started with the sole purpose of physical busbar installation.  However, it was soon realised, that the industry was changing. In many cases, the technical complexities and documentation requirements of new and larger projects, required more technical resources.  This was more than most installers were able to provide. After addressing this issue, it wasn’t long before switchgear became part of our portfolio. BMS Services now have the ability to offer complete switchgear, busbar, and transformer projects from delivery to site acceptance tests.

The company has continued to grow on the basis of being able to handle the demands of major projects.  At the same time, BMS Services has fostered a close working relationship with many of the leading UK and multinational suppliers.  Being a formal factory-approved and nominated installer by many, allows us to be a major contributor to large and small projects.

Common Assessment Standard (CAS)

CHAS EliteBMS Services has now completed the CHAS Common Assessment Standard (CAS), enabling the company to demonstrate its commitment to providing outstanding service.

Our team-based infrastructure allows management and technical competencies to be applied across a wide range of business sectors.  We continue to focus on the needs of each customer. We ensure all our staff are kept up to date with legislation and training.  Health and safety is also paramount.

Our prime objective is to ensure that every job is completed successfully.

However, this isn’t a perfect world  So if there are problems beyond our control, we will pro-actively work with our clients.  We will help to overcome issues and keep their project on track while minimising costly delays.

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