Busbar Installation

Busbar installation

BMS Services have an unequalled record in busbar installation, with over 150,000 metres installed to date. Our expertise will bring positive benefits to any project.

The use of busbar over cable and tray has become the industry standard because of flexibility, future proofing and reduced installation time. The added benefit of bar over cable is that maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.

BMS Services will assist with pre-installation support and coordination of services through to installation, commissioning and production of full ‘as installed’ documentation. We are an approved installer for most major manufacturers of busbar and switchgear.

We install all types of busbar, from 100A to 6300A, and from metal cased through to cast resin bar.

Apart from installation, we also offer our wealth of experience and knowledge on the maintenance of existing systems.  We carry fully calibrated equipment for inspection, service, and electrical test/diagnostics of busbar performance issues.

Busbar repair and modification is something we can also assist in. We have a sound knowledge of legacy systems, and can often locate solutions for faulty installations. We can save clients a significant amount of money by replacing or modifying a few sections of faulty bar and in many cases we can repair and replace faulty sections of resin busbar.

Busbar drawings

BMS Services also have the ability to create design drawings of busbar systems. Often we can produce drawings faster than the manufacturer, which can assist in keeping a project on track.  To complete a run from end, make-up pieces are required once the majority of the bar has been installed. This allows for the final pieces to be made to measure to ensure exact fit. Getting drawings for these make-up pieces often causes delays.

BMS Design Drawing
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