Busbar Test Services

Busbar Test ServicesWe perform industry standard electrical busbar testing on all systems we install.  However, we also recognise that many of our clients have systems that are either existing or they have installed themselves.  They may not have the expertise or fully calibrated equipment to do the testing on busbar systems themselves.

BMS Services can assist in the inspection and test of installed busbar and busduct systems to meet the warranty requirements of manufacturers and provide electrical test certification for project documentation. This is often a requirement of insurers.

Damage to busbar is one thing that can easily be overlooked.  But things like water damage can have quite an impact on the performance of the busbar.

Busbar test equipment

Our calibrated busbar conductor resistance measuring equipment can apply currents up to 200A.  it can also measure resistance to one Micro-ohm ( 0.000001Ω). We use this equipment to check the functionality of the conductors.  We also use it to help locate faults within a system when required.

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